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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you harness the potential of your data? Look no further, the Polariks Platform is the ultimate gateway to unlocking invaluable insights from your sensors, machines, and systems.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the data-driven revolution. Elevate your operations, amplify your insights, and embrace a future where precision and efficiency reign. Join Polariks Platform and shape the destiny of your data-driven journey.

Our solutions are spread across multiple modules.

The Base – ‘Insight’

The Base ‘Insight’ serves as an essential foundation for streamlined operations, offering a comprehensive array of functionalities designed to elevate your
data-driven endeavours.

The Base – ‘Insight’

User Management

Invite & delete users
Assign roles to users
Metric Management
Create metrics

Invite & delete users

Subject Management
Create subjects
Create subjects hierarchies
Create dashboard groups
Create dashboards
Create & Export visualisations
Technical Specs
1 User


Our solutions are spread across multiple modules

Work Order

A tool designed to optimize efficiency and orchestrate seamless operations through its cutting-edge features.

User Management

Reactive Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Condition-Based Maintenance

Comments & Audit Trail
Foster collaboration



Introducing the game-changing paradigm of precision and insight.

Batch Enrichtment
Elevate your operations with the unparalleled power of automatic batch enrichment.
Track and Trace
Unravel your processes.
Analyse and Compare
Delve into the intricacies of your operations, extracting actionable insights from diverse datasets.

Foresights &

Welcome to the next frontier of innovation
Polariks Developer API
Effortlessly feed critical data into any kind of available systems
External Platforms for AI / ML

Maintenance & Visualisations

Introducing the pinnacle of maintenance and visualization innovation.
Properties & Parts
Machine Properties
Machine Parts
Machine Documentation
Geometrical Model
Unravel your processes.
Analyse and Compare
Delve into the intricacies of your operations, extracting actionable insights from diverse datasets.
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Our Industries


Efficient asset management with the Polariks Platform, providing you with the tools and insights needed to maximize uptime, extend equipment lifecycles.


Data-driven insights empower you to enhance crop yields, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions that pave the way for a more sustainable and productive future in farming.

Vertical farming

Specialized in vertical farming, Polariks Platform empowers growers with tailored data-driven insights, fostering optimal crop growth, sustainability, and operational excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polariks Platform and what does it offer?
The Polariks Platform is a versatile and innovative solution that empowers organizations across various industries with advanced data insights and analytics. It offers a range of capabilities and benefits.
How does Polariks Platform integrate with sensors and systems?
Polariks Platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of sensors, ensuring compatibility and real-time data collection. Our platform offers API integration, allowing you to connect your current systems and applications for streamlined data flow.
What benefits can I expect from using Polariks Platform for my business?
Polariks Platform brings real-time data insights, efficiency optimization, and cost savings, enhancing decision-making and operational excellence. The platform promotes resource efficiency and sustainability, helping reduce environmental impact while boosting performance.
Is Polariks Platform customizable to fit the specific needs of my industry or business?
Polariks Platform is highly customizable to cater to the specific needs of your industry or business. We understand that every sector has unique requirements, and our platform is designed to adapt and align seamlessly with your specific needs, ensuring it provides tailored solutions that best serve your industry or business.
What types of businesses or industries can benefit from using Polariks Platform?
Polariks Platform is designed to benefit a wide range of businesses and industries. Sectors such as agriculture, energy & utilities, logistics, manufacturing, machine builders & device makers, water & environment management, and many more. Essentially, any industry or business that values data-driven decision-making, efficiency optimization, and real-time insights can harness the advantages of Polariks Platform.

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