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About the Platform

Create the best climate for your plants. This platform collects all data from the greenhouse and enables you to have full control over the growth process. Polariks creates a digital twin based on machine learning and performs predictive maintenance on machinery and robotics.

One platform, fits all!

The Platform consists of 4 modules which can be chosen individually or combined. Each module is a step towards more controlled and autonomous growing.

  • Our platform is equipped with different widgets and the possibility to add your own
  • Polariks collects and analyses all data; from the weather forecast to data from your labour registration system
  • Makes everything from one or more greenhouses visible in one platform
  • Minimise costs by growing more effectively and sustainably
  • Produce the right quantity and avoid over- and under-production
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Data & Analyses

Polariks collects and stores all internal data from the climate computer, machinery such as robotics, hour registration systems and all other conceivable date sources within its data lake. The data lake is further supplemented with external data from weather forecasts, and gas and electricity prices.

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Analysis of data and digital twinning for greenhouses

Digital Twin

By means of growth models, the information collected in the greenhouse can be converted into crop forecasts. This also makes it possible to calculate backwards. A harvest outcome can then be given, and the climate settings are generated.

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Performance Management & Predictive Maintenance

The performance of all moving parts that generate data in a greenhouse can be monitored. All actions performed can be tracked, but also any error messages. It is also possible to measure wear and schedule maintenance collectively for minimal down time.

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Predictive maintenance in greenhouse cultivation

Hyperspectral Imaging

Get insight into the effects of biotic stress factors on crops and determine plant parameters over time and surface areas. We have developed mobile equipment and analytical image recognition software for hyperspectral applications.

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Smart investment

Integrating everything into one system makes it easier to manage greenhouses. With resources becoming increasingly scarce, it also becomes more important to coordinate input and output. The platform helps you to prevent under- and overproduction. The platform also ensures that downtime is minimised with performance management and predictive maintenance. This makes it a smart investment. We are happy to advise you!

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