Bosman Van Zaal

About Bosman Van Zaal

Revolutionise your horticultural operation with the power of mobility

In today’s competitive horticultural landscape, optimising space, maximising productivity, and ensuring plant health are paramount. Our cutting-edge rolling bench systems offer a comprehensive solution, empowering you to:

  • Boost efficiency: effortlessly move benches around your facility, streamlining workflows and maximising time utilisation.
  • Maximise your grow space: eliminate the need for fixed aisles, doubling your usable growing area and allowing for flexible layouts.
  • Enhance labour efficiency: achieve a comfortable working height for all tasks, reducing fatigue and improving worker well-being.
  • Simplify tracking and traceability: easily access individual plants for monitoring and care.
  • Promote plant health: facilitate superior air circulation and light penetration throughout your grow space, fostering healthier and more vibrant crops.

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