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Automate the leaf cutting process

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About the CropTeq robot

Eliminate repetitive and physically demanding work. This robot has fully automated the leaf cutting process to revolutionise the labour expenditures faced by growers today. Especially designed for high-wire cultivation.

Helps solve the labour problem

GreenPEAK-IT and VDL CropTeq combine forces by exclusively working together to provide the market with a robot that cuts the leaves from plants in high wire cultivation.

  • Cuts with 85% reliability, machine learning increases this percentage
  • Cuts against the stem, so no leaf residue
  • Labour cost reduction through rapid amortisation of the investment
  • Better control of virus spread
  • Wide deploy ability due to the possibility to change the end-effector
  • Equipped with sensors to unlock data per stem; light, moisture, temperature, CO2, shape, weight, etc.
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Meet our Cobot

Our CropTeq robot is a collaborative robot (cobot). This means that the robot does not just move from A to B but must continuously adjust its movements and avoid collisions. And this happens in real time at maximum speeds. This means that the CropTeq works with people and has an eye for the environment.

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Leaf cutting robot in action

The robot helps the grower to do labour-intensive work for which it is increasingly difficult to find personnel. The robot moves autonomously through the greenhouses to cut the leaves of the plants and works at a speed of 1,000 leaves per hour.



The end-effector (end of the robot arm) for leaf cutting has a high precision in the positioning for and cutting of the leafs. Other types of end-effectors can also be placed on the interface. For example, end-effectors for harvesting, precision spraying, and insect detection and elimination.

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Robotic arm

Together with the end-effector, the robot has six degrees of freedom. This means that you can reach everywhere. Because the CropTeq can cut leaves 360 degrees around the stem, also a leaf that is behind the stem can be removed by the CropTeq robot.

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Data pole

There is a data pole on the robot that allows for the addition of extra sensors. For example, a hyper spectral camera can be added to analyse the health of the plants and fruits or to determine the size and quantity of the harvest.


Artificial Intelligence

The robot has a visual recognition camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to judge where to cut. The AI is taught by machine learning what the different parts of the plant are and how to approach the node.

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CropTeq cleverly integrated with our Platform

The CropTeq robot is developed with the possibility of data collection and connection to the Polariks platform. With this connection, you can completely manage the performance, predict maintenance and analyse historic or future outcomes.

Smart investment

With only a doubling of the operating hours, the CropTeq is already faster than a human. There is no need to go 24/7, the robot is already profitable at 12/7. With the rising cost of labour, the payback time of the CropTeq is getting shorter. This makes it a smart investment. We are happy to advise you!

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