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About us

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About us

By learning based on big data and the help of AI, we aim to realise greater autonomy for our customers.

Our story

Polariks is situated in Aalsmeer within the headquarter of Bosman Van Zaal. It started off as a research project by Bosman Van Zaal, who was searching for a solution to make better use of the data generated in greenhouses. After some promising results, Polariks was created as independent entity.


Our team

By now, Polariks consists of a versatile team with its own software engineers and data scientists, and sales representative.

Our representatives

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Arnoud Bolten


Senten Q. van (Quinten)

Quinten van Senten

Sales & Marketing

Smart investment

After undertaking due diligence, Polariks was created with a careful selection of experts. We are happy to advise you!

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