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GreenPEAK-IT acquires all assets of the sensor technology company POLARIKS


GreenPEAK-IT (- a Bosman Van Zaal company) acquired the assets of sensor technology company POLARIKS on 25 October 2021. POLARIKS is a company that focused on visual recognition systems using hyperspectral images.

Plant hyperspectral image recognition is a powerful, non-distortive image recognition technology that aims to provide insight into the effects of biotic stress factors on crops and to determine plant parameters over time and surface areas. POLARIKS has developed mobile equipment and analytical image recognition software for hyperspectral applications.

Due to the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic just before its market entry, POLARIKS had to discontinue its activities.

Next steps

“It is the intention to continue and expand the commercial activities of POLARIKS as well as to further develop the system with all its applications and know-how,” says Arnoud Bolten, director of GreenPEAK-IT. So far, these mobile hyperspectral cameras have been used for photosynthesis analysis, for better harvest planning, more efficient fertigation and the identification of plant defects such as deficiencies, early detection of diseases and plant stress.

Earlier this year, GreenPEAK-IT and VDL ETG announced their cooperation regarding the market introduction of the VDL CropTeq leaf cutting robotics. One of the goals is to equip the robotics with these mobile hyperspectral cameras. The CropTeq robot moves through the entire greenhouse and enables the camera to determine the condition of the entire crop. The recognition software will automatically produce the crop analysis.

In addition to the above-mentioned follow-up steps, the online POLARIKS platform will be integrated into the GreenPEAK-IT platform and integrations with the logistical cultivation systems of Bosman Van Zaal for phenotyping purposes are not inconceivable. These are the next steps towards data-driven and automated crop cultivation.

Changes for POLARIKS

The former owner fully cooperates with the knowledge transfer of POLARIKS and enables the GreenPEAK-IT team to further develop the hyperspectral applications in the market. Furthermore, the logo has been adjusted to better fit the core identity of parent company Green Innovators.