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New leaf-cutting robot for high-wire cultivation of cucumbers

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The shared mission, knowledge, and network of VDL Group and Bosman Van Zaal come together in the form of GreenPEAK-IT. We are joining forces for the market introduction of the CropTeq leaf cutting robot, an innovative robot that will be available for high-wire cucumber growers shortly. This robot will initially focus on labour-intensive leaf cutting for cucumber plants but will be further developed in the coming years for other crops and more autonomous applications.

Combining knowledge and skills

In addition to sharing knowledge and expertise, the collaboration focuses on the better application and use of data and robotization in high-wire cultivation. At VDL, various systems are being developed that relate to autonomous cultivation. GreenPEAK-IT (- a Bosman Van Zaal company) is responsible for the sale and installation of the new cutting robot. GreenPEAK-IT emerged from a research project by the horticultural specialist Bosman Van Zaal from Aalsmeer and, due to high expectations, was continued in December 2020 as an independent entity with specific knowledge of energy-efficient and autonomous cultivation.

Robotics in greenhouse horticulture

VDL is active in the development, production and sale of supplies, end products and the assembly of passenger cars. With the CropTeq robot, VDL is responding to the tight labour market in horticulture and is rationalising labour-intensive activities. With VDL CropTeq Robotics, VDL focuses on the pursuit of autonomous robotics within high-quality greenhouse horticulture, replacing labour-intensive activities with high-quality AI-driven robotics. The smart AI vision, which can be trained by the grower, the high robot speed with collision control, the patented end effector that can cut on all sides of the plant and the compact platform that will eventually harvest cucumbers, make it a special innovation.

Automation for greenhouse agriculture

Bosman Van Zaal’s projects are based on the latest technical developments and insights for sustainable and efficient plant production for the research, pharmaceutical, breeding, propagation and production sectors. It is closely involved in the start-up of GreenPEAK-IT. GreenPEAK-IT focuses on the pursuit of autonomy within high-quality international greenhouse cultivation in order to enable an autonomously controlled greenhouse in the long term.