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GreenPEAK-IT changes its name to POLARIKS!

GreenPEAK-IT becomes Polariks

Effective immediately, GreenPEAK-IT will continue as POLARIKS! In November 2021, GreenPEAK-IT acquired the sensor technology company POLARIKS. Since this company name has a more unique appeal, it was decided to continue the activities under this name.

POLARIKS refers to the greater polarity in frequencies. The human eye can only see a small spectrum of frequencies, with the help of POLARIKS more frequencies become visible. This also applies to more insight from data. With POLARIKS, more information becomes visible from data.

POLARIKS is derived from the polar star, also known as the Polaris. In the past this star was used to navigate ships at sea to a safe harbour, which in turn refers to successfully navigating in data to gain more knowledge.

A new name also means a new website, logo, and yes… also a new flag in front of the building!
The website is already online: